This is how I feel and I know I’m not alone


dear readers,

I just wanted to take some time to express some of my thoughts feelings and actions toward mental health. It’s been in the news lately, gladly so for me, going through it when iit wasn’t as well researched and documented. I’m lucky that the mental health hospitals I was involved in well at least one that I know of closed down. There needs to be a revamp in the mental health community and I think that’s what I’ve been seeing. Being well researched in it and learning more about it, all the I can. For me the goal is staying out of the dangerous hospitals and even the good ones because of the type of people you meet. It’s scary and forming friendships where people who are ill and in crisis becoming “friends” with others who are in crisis at the same time is not the most beneficial for great companionship.

So what what I want to is what I’ve found helpful in treating mental illness healthfully and with some other articles I can link for more information. It’s is a sad thing to enter into this situation unaware and unfortunately doctors are not as educated or take the time that you would like. You may think, “This cannot be, they are doctors.” But the facts and statistics remain as well as the stigma. I want to first off say that stigmatizing someone with a mental health problem pretty much makes us stigmatize ourselves and trust us guys we hate our illness more than you even. So with that here’s an article I found and I hope it helps bring light to the stigma.


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